Do You Really Want To Rely On China For Copper?

With An Exploration Drilling
Program Already Underway

In A Friendly Jurisdiction, CopperCorp Resources Inc. Could Become The Copper Play of 2022

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CopperCorp Resources Inc

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3 Powerful Reasons CopperCorp Resources Inc. Needs To Be On Your Radar

Led By a Highly Experienced Team, CopperCorp Could Be In The Right Place At The Right Time To Strike It Big

Copper Prices Have Shot Up By 50% Over The Past 2 Years (9) Due To A Supply/Demand Crunch And Desire For A Green/Renewable Future

With 2 Projects In The Mining Friendly Jurisdiction of Australia, CopperCorp Could Be In Prime Position To Reduce the world's reliance on Chinese copper.

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The global copper supply crisis is getting deeper with each passing day.

For a second disregard the Ukrainian crisis and the growing sanctions against Russia; copper has always been between a rock and a hard place based on always-increasing demand and the vital role it plays in the modern economy.

To add to our current situation, the world’s largest copper producers, Chile and Peru, were hit especially hard by the health crisis, which could seriously impact supply well into 2023, according to commodity analysts S&P Global. (1)

Should we really rely on China for copper?

With countries seeking to stockpile and control key assets, America and China, the two largest economies on the globe, are battling to secure a steady supply of that most widely used industrial metal.

Here’s one of the biggest issues: China has an enormous copper lead over America because China isn’t only one of the biggest consumers, it’s also its 3rd largest producer. (2)

Listen, new copper projects were in short supply prior to our global health crisis. It isn’t easy to just discover properties/locations/hotspots that are just raring to go. It takes time.

And with the current political climate worldwide and an extreme desire to replace oil with renewable energy sources as soon as humanly possible, the market is facing a supply crunch that could boost the price of copper by more than 60% in four years according to Goldman Sachs. (3)

So where is all this copper going to come from?

What if I told you that there was a brand new, well-funded company with a great team drilling in the right jurisdiction at the right time?

Then I’d be talking about CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) and its 100%-owned AMC and Skyline projects in Australia’s state of Tasmania.

CopperCorp has two 100%-owned, district-scale, highly prospective projects capable of hosting large-scale copper-gold deposits in Australia. It has an ongoing exploration drill program, backed by an experienced team of proven mine-finders, with a 41.5% investment stake by management and insiders. (4)

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The Case for Copper Mining in Tasmania (4)

Western Tasmania is an established mining region located within a low-risk, stable jurisdiction with a long, 150-year exploration and mining history. The region is rich in diverse mineral resources with large-scale multi-generational mines, established infrastructure, local skilled labor, and rail-to-port networks. (5)
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CopperCorp Resources Inc. Has 2 Primary Assets In Tasmania: The AMC and Skyline Projects(4)

The AMC Project (5)

The AMC Project is located on the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian Arthur Metamorphic Complex (AMC), a regional-scale metamorphic structural deformation zone that is host to widespread magnetite-sulfide-silicate alteration and mineralization indicative of a large Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG)-style system and includes the Savage River magnetite mine (498 Mt @ 46% DTR magnetite (Grange Resources Limited, 2021)) and CopperCorp’s advanced exploration Alpine copper prospect. With the newly granted licenses, the AMC Project now covers a total of 1,066 km2 along 100 km of strike length over the AMC and adjacent areas and establishes CopperCorp as the dominant ground holder in the district.

The Company is currently undertaking infill drilling and ground exploration programs at the advanced Alpine prospect initial target on the larger AMC Project) where wide-spaced historical drilling delineated IOCG-style mineralization over a 700m strike length with significant drill hole intercepts including

Recently completed ground exploration activities at the Alpine prospect include soil and stream sediment sampling programs and a detailed ground gravity survey, designed to assist with the identification of priority exploration drilling targets to extend the mineralization footprint at the prospect and surrounding areas. Results from these programs are currently being finalized. Receipt of initial assay results from the Company’s drilling at Alpine prospect is anticipated within the month.

The AMC prospect is located 30 km northwest of the local mining hub of Zeehan and within 5 km of two large-scale operating wind and hydro-electric renewable energy projects.

All the major companies would be eager to consider opportunities like AMC. It is district-sized with the potential to host multiple mines in a safe jurisdiction; one which is powered 100% by renewable energy. (4)

STEPHEN SWATTON, President, CEO and Director
The Skyline Project (5)

With the newly granted licenses, the Skyline Project comprises 2 exploration licenses covering a total of 334 km2 of prospective ground along the eastern margin of the highly mineralized Cambrian calc-alkaline volcanic arc of the Mount Read Volcanics belt. Two large-scale operating mines lay within 5 km of the project – the Mt Lyell Cu-Au deposit (3 Mt Cu and 3 Moz Au @ 1.0% Cu and 0.3g/t Au), and the Henty Au deposit (1.64 Moz Au @ 12.5 g/t Au) (Seymour et al, 2007). The Company is currently preparing to commence field exploration programs over high-priority targets.

The Skyline prospect is located 10 km northeast of the local mining town of Queenstown and with 10km of operating hydroelectric renewable energy projects.

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But Why CopperCorp Resources Inc.? Why Right Now?

There are several reasons why CopperCorp needs to be on your radar right now.

#1. There is an Over-Reliance on China and Other Countries for Copper and Other Battery Metals that CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) could Help Break

If there was ever a time to break the dependency on certain countries, it would have to be now.

Two of the biggest producers, Chile and Peru, are countries that are both experiencing political uncertainty, potentially disrupting production and development.

China is responsible for almost all global refining and has been buying international copper assets for decades.

US, Canada and Australia provide a comparatively small contribution to global supply from stable, regulated jurisdictions.4

It’s not even just copper, but when it comes to this specific metal, China leads the way in processing. This is something we cannot rely on moving forward.4

Can you see why a jurisdiction like Tasmania could be the all-important game-changer for CopperCorp?

In Tasmania, CopperCorp has a highly prospective IOCG exploration target at its AMC Project.
#2. A Push For A Green, Renewable Future Could Provide a Potentially Undervalued Miner like CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) with Added Visibility

In 2021, Kostas Bintas, Head of Copper Trading for Trafigura had this to share: (4)

“I’m 100% sure about the copper supercycle... You can’t move to a green economic environment and not have the copper price moving significantly higher.”

The spot price of copper has been on the rise over the past couple of years.

In fact, the price of copper has doubled in just 2 years. Take a look:9

But what could be driving this price hike?

One good explanation is the need for a greener, more sustainable future.

In recent years, the global transition towards clean energy has stretched the need for metals even further. More copper will be required to feed our renewable energy infrastructure, such as photovoltaic cells used for solar power and wind turbines.

The metal is also a key component in transportation vehicles, and with increasing emphasis on “electrification,” its demand will likely explode as the modern EV uses almost 3.5 times as much copper as regular internal combustion engine vehicles. (7)

In fact, analysts at Goldman Sachs are already calling copper “the new oil”, as the metal is a key part of sustainable technologies, including electric vehicle batteries and deriving clean energy. (6)

#3. What about other Copper Mining Stock Comparables? What’s The Potential Upside for CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER)?

As of 3/23/22, CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) was trading around the $0.46 level. When comparing that to other mining companies in the space, there could be a ton of upside potential.

First off, let’s take a look at Filo Mining Corp. (FIL.TO).8

Filo Mining is another copper explorer with a Canadian home base. Back in January of 2021, its stock was trading at levels below $2.00 a share.

Fast-forward to 3/23/22. Just over a year later, this miner has exploded to heights over $18 a share!

But that’s not the only major runner…

Take a look at Solaris Resources Inc. (SLS.TO).8

Just like Filo, Solaris is a copper miner that has absolutely erupted over the past year and a half.

Back in August of 2020, Solaris’ stock was trading below the $3.00 level and to see it explode to over $17.00 a share in the past 52-week period (as of 3/23/22).

My point is this. Both stocks started at significantly lower price points before making massive runs in a relatively short period of time.

Now, I’m not saying that CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) is going to do the same, but you need to understand that it wouldn’t be the first time a Canadian copper miner made such a move.

#4. CopperCorp Resources Inc. (TSXV: CPER) Has a Uniquely Experienced Team

CopperCorp is led by one of the sharpest teams in the business.


Steve is responsible for the vision and direction of CopperCorp, stewarding its assets and leading its team to create value for shareholders. Steve is a geologist with 30+ years of experience and has led multiple junior exploration companies through the exploration phase, including Fortress Minerals which became Lundin Gold. He has also led large technical and corporate development teams (BHP & Rio Tinto), evaluated thousands of projects, raised over $300M, and navigated jurisdictional challenges across the globe.


Craig leverages his 35+ years of experience in mining operations and investment banking to support CopperCorp in advancing and growing its asset base, raising capital, and navigating M&A opportunities. Craig is currently the CEO of New Found Gold Corp.


Aaron is an investor, capital markets professional, and the largest individual shareholder of CopperCorp. He is a founder of Klutch Financial, has extensive M&A experience, and has raised over a billion dollars in the past ten years as an executive and board member.


A successful geologist and entrepreneur who has been involved with over $1Bn in M&A activity in his career. John brings his passion for discovery to the CopperCorp Advisory Board along with a wealth of knowledge and experience in project evaluation and development, M&A, and capital markets.

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